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March 31, 2021
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March 31, 2021

With companies investing heavily in big data analytics, analysts are expected to learn how to gather and analyze data from multiple data sources. The following final project is an opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned from the course, and apply your understanding of market intelligence research to provide responses to the items listed below.
✓ Identify a company
✓ Provide an analysis the company history
✓ Analyze their financial history
✓ Identify their target market
✓ Identify a critical area of growth
✓ Provide an analysis of their market entry strategy
✓ Provide a segment analysis and identify a new segment opportunity
✓ Provide a recommendation for an AdWords campaign
✓ Create a value spectrum analysis for the company
✓ Provide the KPI metrics
Write about 3-4 pages with double space, with turnitin check, so plz show me the result of turnitin check.
I have attached three pictures of slides which can be the example. AND ALSO the annual report.
Thank you
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