The prevalence, mortality and morbidity associated with breast cancer is a topic
September 16, 2020
Human Bocavirus is not a clinically significant human pathogen discuss
September 16, 2020

Style can vary from document to document, organization to organization, person to person. It’s made up of the words we choose, the formality or informality of what we say, the types of sentences, and more. To choose a style, we need to consider the audience and purpose, as you know.

Let’s look at two different documents: “The Ubiquity of Energy-Dense Snack Food” and “Give Thanks for Junk Food” (both attached).

  • Compare the two articles. How are they different? Why do you think the writers wrote them the way they did? What audience do you think each was written for, and what was the purpose?
  • Each response should be at least 50 words each

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