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June 21, 2021
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June 21, 2021

Assignment: Applying a Model to Address a Business Process Change
In your Reading you reviewed the Capability Maturing Model (CMM) and in the Learning Activity you briefly practiced with the Kotter 8-Step Model. Now you will apply one of these models to address a business process change needed at the organization of your choice. You will also apply Porter’s 3-phase process from the learning activity to suggest a strategy and steps to be taken in each phase.
Prepare your original Business Process Change in a Word document using APA format. Review APA formatting and style resources found in the Writing Center accessed through the Academic Success Center within the Academic Tools area. You can also consult APA Central located in the Academic Tools area as well.
Do some research to obtain your selected specific industry and/or organization resources. If confidentiality is a concern regarding the organization you selected, choose a publicly traded company instead. Ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure you do not share any of an organization’s proprietary information.

Select one industry from those recommended below and then choose one of three types of organizations provided for that industry. Select an existing company in that industry or use your current organization and industry, and do some research. Then choose a business process change at that company you might propose and address the checklist items (a) through (f).

–Medical Care: Hospital; Clinic; Hospice
–Manufacturing: Computers; Textiles; Electronic Equipment
–Service Industry: Retail; Restaurant; Supermarket
–The organization for which you work. (Be careful not to share proprietary information.)
(a) Provide the name of an existing organization. Ensure you have access to the information required for this project and protect your selected organization’s proprietary information. You can select a publicly held organization if proprietary information is a concern.
(b) Describe the organization’s size (locations, divisions, employees) and summarize the primary mission and vision of the organization. Do not simply copy from the organization’s mission or vision statements.
(c) Based on your research of the organization, identify and explain a single business process change that the organization will need to undertake in the coming year. The change can result from new or improved technologies, economic issues, or changes in the marketplace.
(d) Utilizing either (1) the Capability Maturing Model (CMM) or (2) the Kotter 8 Step Model from the Learning Activity, outline briefly what changes need to be undertaken at each of the stages.
-Explain how using the chosen business process will improve organizational performance.
(e) Evaluate Porter’s three-phase process (page 29, figure 2.1 and also see the Learning Activity) for defining a company strategy, and create a simple chart of the recommended change addressing issues in each phase.
(f) Use APA format and citation style and demonstrate consistency in the body of the paper, indenting paragraphs (paragraphs should consist of at least 3–4 sentences each) , proper margins, citations, and references. You should use 5 references for this paper properly cited and referenced using APA format and citation style. A paper missing references will receive an automatic 20% reduction in grade.
Note: Your paper will be submitted to TurnitinⓇ to check for originality.
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