Answer the music question……1 music question……due tomorrow
October 17, 2020
A thin solid barrier in the xy-plane has a 14.2 m diameter circular hole. An electron traveling in the z-direction with v x = 0.00m/s passes through…
October 17, 2020

Complete the following conversions for air pressure. Please show all your work and final units
including sig digs.
1. Convert the following to kilopascals:
a. 700 mmHg
b. 850 mmHg
c. 350 mmHg
2. Convert the following to mmHg:
a. 100 kPa
b. 75 kPa
c. 125 kPa
3. Convert the following to atm:
a. 850 mmHg
b. 75 kPa


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