Psychology and Health Issues Paper
December 18, 2020
Reflections Discussion Healthcare Policy, writing homework help
December 18, 2020

1. Data Quality. The development and implementation of internal controls aid in the protection of data quality and integrity. List and define three fundamental types of internal controls.
2. Post Discharge Processing. The physician accidentally entered an order into the computer to request a cardiology consultation for the wrong patient. A staff nurse noticed the error. How should the correction be handled
3. Review Question 2. List, explain, and give examples of the three types of internal controls.
4. Application: Clinical Coding Systems and Technology.

Research literature to collect information to distinguish similarities and differences among two technologies used for coding diagnoses and procedures by coders.
Technologies should include

Encoder system of a logic-based automated codebook
Computer assisted coding (CAC).

Reference resources should include the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) website (, The Journal of AHIMA, or AHIMA Body of Knowledge.
Using the information, you find, address the following in your summary:

Compare and contrast how each might be used differently.
Summarize your analysis to state which technology you feel is most advantageous and why. Include the reference sources you utilized in your analysis.


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