Do you think that school nurse should or should not be allowed to discuss contraception and pregnancy options with students?  
March 22, 2021
differentiate between classical Christian teachings regarding the above doctrines and those teachings which fall outside of the evangelical Christian faith
March 22, 2021

Consider fitting a ℓ2-regularized linear regression model to data (x(1),y(1)),…,(x(n),y(n)) where x(t),y(t)∈R are scalar values for each t=1,…,n. To fit the parameters of this model, one solves

minθ∈R, θ0∈RL(θ,θ0)


L(θ,θ0)=∑t=1n(y(t)−θx(t)−θ0)2 + λθ2

Here λ≥0 is a pre-specified fixed constant, so your solutions below should be expressed as functions of λ and the data. This model is typically referred to as ridge regression .
Write down an expression for the gradient of the above objective function in terms of θ.
Important: If needed, please enter ∑nt=1(…) as a function sum_t(…), including the parentheses. Enter x(t) and y(t) as x^{t} and y^{t}, respectively.
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