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February 19, 2021
HCS451 Discussion
February 19, 2021

Part 1 First Steps to Contract Creation

, write 400–600 words
explain why each of the following are important concepts in the development of contracting:

Obtaining stakeholder input from department managers that will be affected by a contractor’s performance
Sending a request for proposal before a contractor presents an offer
Request for proposal should contain a reference to provisions in a legal code such as the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). Select one UCC provision, list its identifier, and describe what the provision covers.

Part 2 – Request of Information from Suppliers
write 400–600 words
Your manager has informed you the company needs to consider small businesses as part of the contract solicitation process. Your company has just recently been asked to perform services for a government agency and consideration for small business participation in your company’s subcontract awards will be part of your company’s proposal to the agency
Using information from an Internet search on small business administration, discuss the benefits of considering small businesses in government contract solicitations, including the following:

What benefits can be expected by your company if small businesses are considered in the subcontract solicitation process?
To what extent will adding these requirements mean additional costs will be incurred in administration and reporting of compliance?

Part 3 – Uniform Commercial Code Consideration
write 400–600 words
Your boss read an article on contract law and became concerned that proper contracting rules will be applied in subcontracts you will issue in the future. Specifically, you have been asked to meet with your boss and others in the department. You were asked to explain how agency law and the Uniform Commercial Code complement each other in cases where contract disputes arise. Discuss the following:

Discuss important elements of agency law related to employee commitments to other companies.
Explain the provisions in the Uniform Commercial Code that are important when one company finds it necessary to stop the shipment of products from their subcontract supplier.

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