Illustrate the advantages and importance of this topic to patients nurses and the health care system;
April 8, 2021
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April 8, 2021

Read the instructions below VERY CAREFULLY. All details are included for how to receive full credit for this assignment.
For this assignment, I would like you to create a well written and thoughtful three paragraph cover letter. It can be somewhat generic (but not too generic) or as specific as you would like to make it. Even if it is specific, it is still something you can use in the future – perhaps all you would need to do is change a few sentences and/or details to fit the company/person where you may send your resume.
Many of you are near graduation, others are just entering college. Some of you already have prospective jobs lined up. A cover letter is very important to send with your resume. It is easy to attach both documents in an email, etc. Many potential employers will appreciate the professional touch of receiving a cover letter from you, instead of just a resume (even when a cover letter is not requested). Be sure you completely understand the purpose of a cover letter and the format in which it should be presented. It will give a potential employer a glimpse of your personality, professionalism, and how well you can express yourself. In the introduction of your letter you can try to set yourself apart by mentioning what you have to offer, something that would get the reader’s attention, or even use networking and mention the name of the person who referred you to the employer.

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