Psy 480 Week 2 Powerpoint
August 19, 2020
THE MOVIE Frankenstein- are science and technological developments a predominantly positive or negative phenomenon?
August 19, 2020

Perform research in the Walden Library and the Internet to find three scholarly resources that focus on crime and victimization, specifically statistics of major crimes. Visit the National Center for Victims of Crime website listed in this module’s Learning Resources.

Subject Research: Criminal Justice & Security

Using the Walden Writing Center “Basics Executive Summaries”  as a guide, write a 5- to 6-page Executive Summary in which you complete the following: Provide an overview of crime and victimization in the United States and include current statistics of at least three major crimes (UCR Part I Crimes). Identify and describe three direct impacts of crime on victims and their families. Discuss whether these are short or long-term impacts. Explain which crimes have higher reporting rates and which crimes have lower reporting rates. Identify methods for improving rates of reporting for underreported crimes. Discuss how using statistics and improving reporting rates can lead to social change.


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