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March 18, 2020
Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972
March 18, 2020

Write a research paper on Plea bargain in New York State and focus on why it is not the smartest and fairest system in the criminal justice system for these reasons: 1. Innocent people get convinced to plead guilty and take a deal. 2. Its easier for everyone in the court (prosecutor. judge and jurors besides the defendant) if the defendant is convinced to plea guilty. 3. It is unjustified
Later. explain how you would modify plea bargaining to address the consequences in the terms of a rule where a defendant after trial cannot be sentenced to – say – a 100% increase over the rejected plea. So, if the prosecutor offers a plea deal to the defendant for 2 years, the max the defendant faces after trial if found guilty is 4 years. In NYS now, the prosecutor, for instance, on a B violate felony, can offer the defendant 3.5 years, but if the defendant is convicted after trial, the judge can sentence the defendant to 25 years.

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