February 19, 2021
SC1220 University of Phoenix Body Fat and Eating Disorders Discussion
February 19, 2021

The Question for the essay is: Critically examine evidence of uneven ‘transition’ in Central and/or Eastern Europe in terms of social and economic changes during ‘transition’ after communism. What are the political challenges of inequality between and within countries? (couldn’t write the whole question in the topic column).1-Assessment criteria:The extent to which the remit of the assignment has been met;The degree to which the theories, concepts and data are described, 
discussed, integrated and contextualised;The range of research and collation of information and material;The structure and coherence of the argument;The clarity and accuracy with which ideas are expressed;The selection and correct attribution of sources in support of an argument.2-Criteria for grading assessed work will include the following: 
Structure and Quality of Argument Is the thesis of the essay stated in the introduction? Is the overall structure of the argument clear and coherent? Are the points made in a logical sequence? Is the argument sufficiently analytical? Is there a conclusion? Does the conclusion address the essay question directly? Is the conclusion adequately supported by the preceding argument? 
3-Use of Evidence Are the points made supported by evidence from cited sources? Are the sources drawn on sufficient and appropriate? If empirical evidence is used, is it described clearly and in appropriate 
detail? Does the evidence presented support the conclusions reached? Is the interpretation of the evidence presented appropriately qualified (i.e. 
have overgeneralisations and sweeping statements been avoided)?4-(PLEASE NO MORE THAN OR LESS THAN 3500 WORDS)


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