LAW421 Week 5 Assignment |
October 17, 2020
Outline Maienschein’s argument for the claim that we should allow stem cell research and then criticize the premise of his argument that you think is…
October 17, 2020

Describe the History of Advanced Practice Nursing (ARNP) in the United State.October 17, 2020

You are required to complete a job analysis and recruitment activity. An organizational chart also needs to be developed.The Deputy Manager has approached you as the Manager of the Curtin Hospital Health Information Service requesting a dedicated one full time equivalent (FTE) Freedom of Information (FOI) Officer. This task has previously been undertaken by the Information Centre Clerks, who also look after medico-legal requests. However, the workload for medico-legal (outside of FOI) has increased two-fold in recent months and FOI is being neglected.You need to develop the following: A position description for a FOI Officer. This person is to report directly to the Deputy Manager and it is at a minimum desirable they have a HIM qualification (you may make it essential if you wish). They should have experience in the management of health information and hospital experience, and other standard essential & desirable criteria. A job advertisement for a FOI Officer The recruitment plan, including interview questions, candidates matrix, relevant letters and memos.
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