March 8, 2020
Management in Action 
March 8, 2020

Do You Believe in Me?:
View Dalton Sherman’s famous keynote speech, “Do You Believe in Me? (” At the time of this speech in 2008, Dalton was a 10 year old entering into the fifth (5th) grade. He address over 17,000 educators from the Dallas Texas area, challenging them to believe in him and his classmates.

Then view the same young man seven (7) years later as he addresses educators at the Extra Yard for Teacher summit in 2015 with his “Don’t Lose Your Joy (” speech.

After viewing the “Do You Believe in Me?”, and the “Extra Yard for Teachers Summit 2015 (”, based on the “Six Pillars of CharacterPreview the document”(uploaded), consider the target career option in education you researched in week three(uploaded), and what you know about the importance of mindset in both the student and the educator. Craft a discussion response that explains three specific ways you will show your students that you believe in them as you create your own classroom culture and climate.

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