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March 21, 2021
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March 21, 2021

Answer the questions as “simple and clear” as you can please: 1-3 sentences for each would be fine to make it clear.

In terms of digital security, describe what an md5 checksum and a digital signature would provide.
How is the load factor calculated?
What is the search time in big O notation for a sorted list vs an unsorted list
In algorithm analysis, what is the most important resource to keep track of?
What is rehashing?
What is the general running time of a for loop?
what is the difference between B-tree and a Binary tree?
What is the formula for running time?
What three things are needed for a hash to be considered secure?
What is Separate Chaining? make sure you mention that a linked list is the method used to store duplicates
What is the most important resource to analyze?
Given a AVL, which rotation(s) would you use to balance the tree.
root -> 5, right child 10, right child 15
Describe how to perform the three standard BST traversals:
What is a real world application of a stack and of a queue?
How do you calculate the time complexity of an if statement?
What are the differences between a stack and queue? Big points questions
What is a heap?
How is a heap implemented?
What is lazy deletion?How is it mitigated?
What is the benefit of an AVL tree vs. a Binary tree?
What two things are used when analyzing an algorithm?
Define abstract data type (ADT)?
What are the standard operations required for stacks and queues?
How do you calculate the run time of for loops, nested loops, consecutive statements, and if/else.
What is the result of inserting 3, 1, 4, 7, 2, 9 into Binary search tree? build the tree
what does a vector do and what advantage does it provide over an array?
What is the difference between a binary tree and a binary search tree?
Define Recursion – give an example of the appropriate use of recursion
An AVL tree has a balance condition, what must the balance condition be?
What is the cryptographic significance of digital signatures?
How do you find the height of a node?
What is Big O notation?
Choose and describe one method of collision mitigation when hashing. Be sure to describe any drawbacks to the method you choose.
What are the three ways to traverse a tree?

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