Describe and analyze the conflicts and compromises that occurred during the drafting of the constitution. What was the main source of conflict
August 19, 2020
nursing research discussion 6 1
August 19, 2020

In Units 4–5, you developed a position and debated the causes of depression from two different perspectives. This debate illustrated how counterarguments are developed and how rebuttals are formulated based on additional findings in research. This format helps us to dig deeper into critical thinking about complex issues.

In this discussion, consider the Elements and Standards of Critical Thinking Model and reflect on the debate experience: To what extent did the multiple perspectives of other learners change your thinking about the causes of depression? How effective do you believe you were in communicating your position using arguments and evidence from the literature? What specifically happened in the debate to make you believe this? What specific areas of critical thinking have you improved upon? Which areas still need work?

Note: In Units 4 and 5, others challenged your thinking through the debate format. In the weeks to come, you will be challenging  your own thinking by writing a paper in which you explore counterarguments to a position taken on a topic of your choice.


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