short research paper 3 pages at least
March 31, 2021
For Essays Guru – Evaluate The Presence And Effects Of Alteration In The Homeostatic State Secondary To Gender, Genetic, Ethnic And Temporal Variables
March 31, 2021

In this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation that details a number of quantitative analysis methods and indicates how and when they should be used to solve business problems.

Include an analysis of 10 different methods.

At least four methods must not have been directly covered in the course.

For each analysis method include:

A one slide description of the method and the type of problem it can be used to solve.
An example of the method in use.
2-4 references describing the method and/or examples

Practical example

invent a business problem, and briefly describe it in one slide
create a simple decision tree to select the quantitative method used to evaluate it
include a sample evaluation and recommendation for the business problem


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