for your discussion board assignment this week you are required to respond to one of the readings and evidence your argument with one other scholarly source you simply must explain how or why traditional interpretations of minorities has affected curre
April 9, 2021
Colorado Board Case Study | Blackboard Masters
April 9, 2021

Task Description
Do a research on non-commercial Food operations Menu Planning.
-Education – Schools
-Construction Sites
-Army Bases
-Business and Industry
The following questions will help to cover the major elements of the subject.
Describe the history and importance of Menu planning for Hospitals, Schools, Army and Business and industry employeesIdentify and discuss the nutrition needs for each group of meal takersProvide examples of menus with pictures
Written documentCover pageExecutive summaryReferences (APA referencing)
Written report format
Font: CalibriSize: 12Binded document.Leave a right side margin for faculty member annotations.


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