Explain in detail how this news event connects to two distinct and specific course concepts, theories, or research findings (write at least one paragraph per connection)
October 12, 2018
Explain the meaning of dualism and dual societies.
October 12, 2018

Write a 3–4-page blog post in APA format that explains your interest in an area of psychology and the type of impact you would like to make in that area.

Make sure to follow these steps below!

Describe the skills required to be a psychology professional, and explain how the practitioner-scholar model supports professional development. Finally, explain the importance of research to the area of psychology you plan to go into.



Suppose you are a member of a professional organization that is active on social media through a popular blog site. You have been talking about going back to school to complete your master’s degree with other members of the organization. Now you have been asked to write the next blog post on your decision to enroll in this program.

You must use at least two of the readings listed under Required Resources to support your work in this assessment. You may also use additional resources that you locate yourself, but you must use at least two from the list provided. Because this is a psychology course and your assessment will be geared towards psychology professionals, format it following APA guidelines (you may wish to use the APA Paper Template located in the Suggested Resources).


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