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April 8, 2021
need help completing a table explanations as well
April 8, 2021

1.  Describe how the hammer example relates to usability and user centered design?
2.  From a government perspective, what is the advantage of web-based self-service?  What is the average transaction cost examples across the spectrum, specifically from online and assisted online transactions (chat)?
3.  What is user-centered design?  What is user experience?  What is Garrett’s perspective?
4.  Describe Krug’s approach to usability?
5.  Why is Google such an established provider of search capabilities, with respect the usability of their site? 
6.  What is the design edge that Bing attempts to employ to differentiate from Google?  What do you think of their approach?
7.  What is the fundamental approach that McGovern is attempting to identify as a key for usability testing?  Describe the case study that illustrated this primary concept.
8.  How can you research your customers?  Why is this important?
9.  Who does “Rosie” represent?
10.  What is a care word?  Provide an example.
11.  What is the core message of Krug in the User Testing Demo, and what is conveyed in the 25 minute video?
12.  Describe several of the issues identified during the “Where Do I Vote?” application usability test?  How was usability testing used to enhance this site?
this is a powerpoint for refrences
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