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February 18, 2021
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February 18, 2021

1. According to Jim Thomas, Eric Hoffman, and Jaydee Hanson, the risksof synthetic biology include: D
a. destroying ecosystemsb. threatening human healthc. unsustainably increasing the pressure of human activities on land andmarine ecologiesd. all the above
2. According to Jim Thomas, Eric Hoffman, and Jaydee Hanson, which ofthe following biofuels sources uses the most water and energy and hasthe greatest greenhouse gas emissions?a. cornb. algaec. switchgrassd. coal
3. According to Gregory E. Kaebnick, it is possible that syntheticbiology could be beneficial to the environment by being used to:a. make gasoline and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphereb. replace extinct speciesc. purify waterd. fight disease
4. According to Ted Schettler, an endocrine disruptor is a substancethat:a. causes developmental and reproductive abnormalities in humans and animals b. causes cancerc. interferes with the body’s key signaling pathways.d. affects brain development.
5. According to Ted Schettler, because of growing concern aboutendocrine disrupting chemicals, Congress in 1996 directed theEnvironmental Protection Agency:a. to develop ways to tell whether chemicals are endocrine disruptorsb. to eliminate the release of endocrine-disrupting chemicals to the environment c. to eliminate human exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicalsd. to develop a list of dangerous chemicals
6. According to Jon Entine, on January 15, 2010, the Food and DrugAdministration (FDA) declared that bisphenol A:a. is not proven to harm children or adultsb. poses risks to developing fetusesc. deserves strong regulatory actiond. is the object of a political witchhunt
7. According to Jon Entine, in order to weigh the benefits andpotential risks of chemicals, policy makers need:a. input from activistsb. objective sciencec. Congressional hearingsd. estimates of the costs regulations will impose on industry
Short Answer
8. How might the precautionary principle be applied to “synthetic biology”?
9. Why should evidence that estrogenic chemicals in the environmentharm wildlife cause us to be concerned about human health?


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