Transition into Professional Practice
October 12, 2018
integration of the global economy means for individual companies and their managers.
October 12, 2018

The training period for the nurses can be reduced by one week if Human Resources allows the nurses to work overtime at an additional cost of $1,200. For the criteria development, $3,500 in overtime can be saved if this activity is allowed to take five weeks to complete.


” Assignment Questions : 1. Determine the absolute shortest length of time in which the telemedicine project can be completed if none of the activities are crashed.

2. Determine the shortest length of time the project can be finished if activities on the critical path are crashed.

3. Calculate the additional cost resulting from crashing all the activities possible.

4. Explain how you can minimize the additional cost of crashing the project while completing the project in the same amount of time as determined in question 2.

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