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November 22, 2020
November 22, 2020

ASCI 202
Introduction to Aeronautical Science
There are some special issues related to the aircraft maintenance community. Choose one aircraft maintenance issue and respond the questions below concerning the issue. Please put the maintenance issue and number at the top of your discussion for easy identification by your peers(i.e., #10. Avionics). Your posts should be at least one or more paragraphs in length, grammatically correct, and free of spelling errors.

What are the maintenance details of this issue?
How should a manager address this issue?

List: (Choice one)
1) 3rd Party Relationships2) Aftermarket Support Organizations3) Aged Aircraft4) Airline Outsourcing5) Alaska Airlines Flight 2616) Aloha Airlines Flight 2437) Alternative Fuels and Energy8) American Airlines Flight 1919) ATA MSG-310)Avionics11)British Airways Flight 539012)Built-In Test Capability 13)Complacency14)Continental Express Flight 2574 15)Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance
Programs16)Designated Airworthiness Representative
(DAR)17)FAA Maintenance Inspection Team 18)Fatigue and Wear19)Foreign Object Damage20)Green Aviation21)Historical Data Trend Analysis 22)Leadership/Discipline/Control 23)Lean & Six Sigma24)Lean Maintenance25)Legacy Maintenance Systems 26)Lifecycle Cost Management 27)Logistics and Distribution
28)Maintenance Operating Costs 29)Man-Hour Standards 30)Manuals and Documentation 31)Military MRO Market 32)Non-Warranty Aircraft Fleet 33)Operational Metrics 34)Outsourced vs. Insourced 35)Oversight
36)Overtime Levels37)Performance Oriented Contracts38)PMA Parts39)Quality Assurance40)Real-Time Condition Monitoring41)Repair Assessment Program (RAP) 42)Service Difficulty Program43)Shift Structure44)Substandard and Bogus Spare Parts 45)Supply Chain & Logistics46)Swissair Flight 11147)Terrorism Vulnerability48)Tool Control49)Turnaround Time for Checks50)TWA Flight 80051)Unions52)United Airlines Flight 23253)United Airlines Flight 81154)USAir Flight 42755)ValuJet Flight 59256)VLJs57)Workforce Development Overtime and Shift
58)Workplace Culture etc…


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