I want a research paper about traffic engineering
February 19, 2021
February 19, 2021

-Remember to use 2 or more sources and cite them.
Hint: The more informative posts, the better your grade, so don’t be shy.
Discussion Board Questions:
-Elderly drivers and health are a huge controversial topics amongst the aging population. Explain where, why they are a hazard and how the problem can be resolved. Give me 3 examples and explain.
-We live in an area where we deal with the aging population. Tell me what you feel the problems are with the elderly drivers, Do they have disabilities or limitations? How can they face mortality or cause harm to others? How the situation can be resolve?. Use the internet to research your post. Be specific. Add all the information you can to help us understand the problems. (Again, give 3 examples and explain them)


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