Participants will write a 4-6-page paper (APA format) in which they conceptualize their personal growth through resiliency and self-awareness. These papers are designed to develop the participant’s cr
October 17, 2020
Week 3 Assignment 1: HRM517
October 17, 2020

400-500 words for each question.
1. In the assigned article, “Core Principles & Values of Effective Team-Based Health Care”( the authors state that “the incorporation of multiple perspectives in health care offers the benefit of diverse knowledge and experience; however, in practice, shared responsibility without high-quality teamwork can be fraught with peril.” Describe the perils that the authors say lead to uncoordinated care and unnecessary waste and cost. How do communication and interdisciplinary collaboration prevent adverse events?
2. Today we see more hand offs between health care providers than in previous years. What are some reasons why?
3. Consider your current work environment and your role as a member of the health care team. What can you do to encourage collaboration and demonstrate stewardship?


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