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October 9, 2020
Topic Health Law and Policy
October 9, 2020

At the start of the chapter is this scenario and question answer on or more of the questions that follow….The Warrens hired Denison, a building contractor, to build a house on their property for $73,400. Denison’s construction deviated somewhat from the specifications for the project. These deviations were presumably unintentional, and the cost of repairing them was $1,941.50. The finished house had a market value somewhat higher than the market value would have been without the deviations. The Warrens refused to pay the $48,400 balance due under the contract, alleging that Denison had used poor workmanship in building the house and they were under no obligation to perform further duties under the contract.
•Do the Warrens have the right to withhold all further payment?
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