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March 7, 2020
Urban Professionals in the 1950’s
March 7, 2020


Time New Roman, 12 Font, double-spaced. 3 pages longs. Please include the references page at the end.

Class, obtain package labels or information from the internet, grocery stores/pharmacies, etc. on various “energy-boosting, stress-reducing, or immune-boosting vitamins.” You are not required to purchase any item. From this information answer the questions 3 thru 7 in the word document that I provide you.

You may number each or just use the question as a title for each section of your paper. Then, please respond honestly to each of the questions in paragraph form with at least 5 sentences for questions for 3 thru 7.

You are going to use Anxiety Relief, Stress Relief, Energy Pills, Immune System Booster & Brain Supplement for Calm Nature, Boost Oxygen, Mood Support & Brain Booster with Multivitamins and Multi-Minerals- Brain Focus for my assignment.

Sample Solution

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