Criminal justice research paper on a plea bargain
March 18, 2020
Character development and how it is evidenced
March 18, 2020

“Description of the Equal Employment Opportunity Act (EEOA). The introduction should be on how the EEOA policy works and what it does. Then list 5 to 7 Major programs that the EEOA provides. Explain how each program works, who gets help from the program, how do they get help, and who is covered under each program. Under each program who is the major funder of the program, don’t forget to include the major funder for the EEOA as well. Who is in charge of the EEOA from Federal down to State, City or County level and how do these levels look and work. How does this trickle down to the community we live in to receive these services? Recent statistics and facts on how the EEOA is working 2018-2019. Also, find out how long the EEOA is expected to be funded. (official budget and actual date). The material must flow together

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