Economics of Race and Gender Essay
March 31, 2021
a report based on given graphs and steps
March 31, 2021

Writing Prompts

Discuss some of the challenges that confront law enforcement agencies as they attempt to structure a coordinated response to crime and terrorism.
How should law enforcement deal with some of the challenges associated with recent attacks on law enforcement officers?
Discuss intelligence-led policing and the importance of the concept in regards to policing. How effective do you believe intelligence-led policing is to reducing crime?

The writing assignment must be written in APA format. The writing assignment must be at minimum of 500 words, double-spaced using size 12-point font. The assignment must have a title page, abstract page and reference page. The abstract page does not count toward the total word count. For citations, follow APA format. Must use at least three references in addition to the textbook for a total of four (4) references. Proofread your paper to eliminate mechanical and grammatical errors.

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