Electrostatics Homework
February 24, 2021
write about a company within Saudi Arabia and assess its readiness to internationalize
February 24, 2021

I already wrote a introduction paragraph of this essay, revise my introduction and finish the rest. Think of a creative title for me. (one introduction paragraph one conclusion paragraph three body paragraphs, min 750 words and 0% plagiarism.) This is what i wrote for my introduction:————————There is no future if you have no dream. I can say everyone in Dom’s team is dreamer. They pursue what they want by their effort of teamwork. I can’t say his team is the best in the world, but what kind of team can be better than a team works as a family? Dom & his crew proved hundreds times that they can take care of each other. Although some work they did is illegal, it was all come with a reason. Sometimes they had to be the bad guys and do bad things in order to protect their family, their friends. At least they are heroes in my heart, because of the spirit they have. And I am willing to tell people that Dom & his crew is the worthiest people to look up to as heroes. Just like Dom said in the movie “I don’t have friends. I got family”, it shows how important is the word “family” to him. No matter how crazy they are, how ridiculous they can be, family is always the first priority to them, and they are able to look after each of family member. That is heroic. (Underline part is my thesis i think it’s weak please help me with it)————- Here is the topic i chose:————– Do you think that the Dom & his crew are heroes we should look up to? Why/why not? Please write an essay that clearly argues your position and uses information from the movie to support your position. Your Thesis should be an answer to the prompt question. Your body paragraphs should contain 2-3 examples that support your thesis. ( Make sure you have 2 quotes minimum from F&F7 in each body paragraphs check imbd.com for quotes .) And i also need you to make two versions of outline under the format i attached. First version: follow the instruction from that attached file. Copy the exact introduction and thesis you wrote it for me in the introduction and conclusion part in the file i attached. Second version: Copy the exact introduction and thesis you wrote it for me in the introduction and conclusion part in the file i attached. P & E parts remain the same as the first version. Separate the essay you wrote it for me to each body paragraphs in each part of the PIE outline in the I part. ( P= Point, I= Information, E= Explanation) So i need three files in total from you. 1. Full essay. 2. Normal outline. 3. OUTLINE for cheating for in-class essay)

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