Research and Article Critique
October 12, 2018
Explain in detail how this news event connects to two distinct and specific course concepts, theories, or research findings (write at least one paragraph per connection)
October 12, 2018

QUESTION: What critical issues are raised from the examination of development problems and prospects facing Brazil?

1. For all of their diversity, many less developed countries are linked by a range of common problems. What are these problems? Which do you think are the most important? Why?
2. Explain the distinction between low levels of living and low per capita incomes. Can low levels of living exist simultaneously with high levels of per capita income? Explain and give some examples.
3. Do you think that there is a strong relationship among health, labor productivity, and income levels? Explain your answer.
4. What is meant by the statement that many developing nations are subject to “dominance, dependence, and vulnerability” in their relations with rich nations? Can you give some examples?
5. Explain the many ways in which developing countries may differ in their economic, social, and political structures.
6. What are some additional strengths and weaknesses of the Human Development Index as a comparative measure of human welfare? If you were designing the HDI, what might you do differently, and why?
7. ”South Asia has a lower income per capita than sub-Saharan Africa.” Comment on the validity of this statement.
8. What is the meaning of a “colonial legacy”? Discuss any disadvantages and possible advantages.
9. State five characteristics of the developing world.
Discuss diversity within the developing world on these characteristics in relation to the developed world.
10. Discuss the differences between the traditional HDI in comparison to the “new” (NHDI) formulation. In what ways do you think either one is a better measure of human development?


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