Read the following case scenario to develop an intervention plan using community resources from your local community.
February 12, 2021
PSY 3 assignment – Psychology Homework
February 12, 2021

QUESTION 1 – This question contains two sub questions a and b. a. Explain the importance of data mining tools and the types of information they produce. In what type of circumstance would you advise a company to use data mining? b. Describe the use of personalization and customization in e-commerce. What business value do these techniques have? QUESTION 2 This question contains two sub questions a and b. a. Authentication technologies that can be used to prevent hackers from gaining access to organizational systems. Discuss. b. Information ethics govern the ethical and moral issues arising from the development and use of information technologies, as well as the creation, collection, duplication, distribution, and processing of information itself (with or without the aid of computer technologies. Organizations should implement certain e-policies to protect themselves. Discuss.

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