Due in 18 hours apa format 7-10 pages
November 22, 2020
November 22, 2020

Popular Diets

1.The Military Diet
2.The Mediterranean Diet
3.Detox, cleanse & juice Diets
4.The 6:1 Diet
5.Clean Eating Diet
6.The Bowl Meals diet
7.Paleo Diet
8.Probiotic Diet
9.High Protein & Low Carb Diet

Student’s need to write a description for each diet along with a pro and con list. Then apply the stay away from fad diet recommendations and provide your own recommendations you would share with a family and/or friend who might want to try the diet.
If you have any questions or need my help with this project please call or text me 859 547-6432.
Grading Scale
Each diet description, pro and con list and your personal recommendations are worth 5 points each.
I will deduct 5 points if a student forgets to list all websites used as a references.


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