February 18, 2021
Non Chemotherapy Treatments for Leukemia
February 18, 2021

(Fill in the Blanks) Answer each of the following: a) Input/output in C++ occurs as_________ of bytes. b) The stream manipulators for justification are _________ _________ and _________. c) Member function_________ can be used to set and reset format state. d) Most C++ programs that do I/O should include the_________ header that contains the declarations required for all stream-I/O operations. e) When using parameterized manipulators the header_________ must be included. f) Header_________ contains the declarations required for file processing. g) The ostream member function_________ is used to perform unformatted output. h) Input operations are supported by class _________ i) Standard error stream outputs are directed to the stream objects _________or _________ j) Output operations are supported by class_________ k) The symbol for the stream insertion operator is_________ l) The four objects that correspond to the standard devices on the system include _________ _________ _________ and_________ m) The symbol for the stream extraction operator is_________ n) The stream manipulators_________ _________ and_________ specify that integers should be displayed in octal hexadecimal and decimal formats respectively. o) The_________ stream manipulator causes positive numbers to display with a plus sign.


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