Business Ethics – Lion Essays
November 19, 2020
El New England Cheese Company produce dos quesos para untar mediante la mezcla de queso Cheddar suave con extra queso cheddar.
November 19, 2020

The focus is to refine your writing skills, not gather and learn information.
Two pages long.
Typed, double-spaced.
Pick a very narrow topic of interest – remember, we are primarily working on writing style.
Find at least five reputable sources from which you can get information. At least three must be from non-website sources.

Your paper should have a distinct introductory paragraph, body, closing paragraph, labeled reference section, and title. Only label the reference section. Use in-text citations for your references and consistent form in your Reference Section. To count as a reference, your instructor must be able to access the reference from the information you provide.
For your references, start with reputable secondary sources such as textbooks or books on the topic before you turn to research papers. Abstracts may be used as a point from which you find sources of information, but cannot be used as a reference.


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