Review the three profiles on Einstein, Bly, and Vitz in Chapter 1 of Becoming a Critical Thinker ISBN-13: 978-1285438597.  Apply and elaborate on three of the concepts you learned in Chapter 1 (one t
October 17, 2020
Understanding health care financial terms is a prerequisite for both academic and professional success.
October 17, 2020

Transcultural Perspectives in the Nursing Care of Children
Read chapter 6 of the class textbook and review the attached PowerPoint presentation. Once done, answer the following questions;
1. Write a two to three -pages summary of the demographics of children in the United States and the priority health issues that nurses should be aware for policy and health promotion teaching.
a. Include ethnic and cultural trends and health-related challenges.
b. Discuss the socioeconomic status and determinants of health.
c. Imagine the future decades and discuss how transcultural nursing can influence policy and children’s health.
As stated in the syllabus present your assignment in a word document, Arial 12 font, APA format 6th ed attached to the forum in the discussion tab of the blackboard titled “Week 4 discussion questions” and in Turnitin to verify originality. You must cite at least two evidence-based references (excluding the class textbook). A minimum of 700 words is required.


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