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March 31, 2021
Data Security in E-Commerce, management homework help
March 31, 2021

Create a 7-9 slide PowerPoint presentation outlining the pros and cons of e-commerce. Be sure to include the following slides as part of your presentation:

Cover slide that states the topic, your name, instructor’s name, class name, and the due date.
An agenda slide that outlines what points will be expanded on during the presentation.
At least 2 slides defining the pros and at least 2 slides defining the cons.
A summary slide that recaps your pros and cons.
Avoid filling a slide with a full paragraph or long sentence. Use bullet points.
Avoid music or other sound effects. Transitions with motion effects can be effective when used appropriately. Use appropriately sized clip art.
Keep with a traditional color scheme, light font on a dark background or vice versa so your presentation is viewer-friendly.
Your font type should not be smaller than 24 point for this presentation

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