Research Paper – Dangers of artificial sweeteners
February 23, 2021
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February 23, 2021

Format: 500-550 words, double-spaced; put name and paper number in upper right-hand corner; title optional.
For Paper 1, please write a narrative.  A narrative is literally a story.  Write about yourself.  For details on how to write a narrative, see McWhorter’s composition text, pages 227-250.  The actual list of possible topics appears on page 240.  You need not choose one of these topics—they are just suggestions.  Use them if you wish.  For detailed information on writing a narrative thesis statement, see page 243.
Above all else, write on something that interests you.  If you are interested in your paper topic, you’ll be much more engaged in the assignment and enjoy it more.
The overall structure of your paper should follow five (5) paragraphs of varying lengths (although a total of 6 is okay but no more).  Your first paragraph is an introduction.  The three (or four) middle paragraphs comprise the main body of the paper.  A conclusion as paragraph five (or six) rounds out the essay and summarizes the paper.  See the visual model on page 234 in the textbook (McWhorter).
Finally, you will want to tell and show.  When you tell, you make a statement, an announcement (“I’m hungry.”).  When you show, you describe: (“Ralph bit into his baby back ribs like they were the last food on Earth.”).  Try to strike a balance between telling and showing.
I will grade your paper based on the following criteria:
(1.) The use of a controlling, focused thesis
(2.) That organizes a multi-paragraph essay
(3.) About you;
(4.) A balance between telling and showing;
(5.) A robust use of examples;
(6.) A relative freedom from errors in grammar, mechanics, and spelling.
APA APA style assignment with references

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