CON330 UCSD Principle of Engineering Economy Research Paper Project
February 19, 2021
Need response to week 2 discussion
February 19, 2021

The formation of magma within the mantle and crust requires a great amount of heat. Much of this heat comes from the radioactive decay of elements such as uranium, thorium, and potassium. Due to the process of radioactive decay, the heat produced early in the Earth’s history was greater than that currently produced. The heat produced today is greater than will be produced in the future. How might the chemistry and distribution of igneous rocks change in the future? Would you expect more or fewer volcanoes? Why? Share your thoughts


Worth 10 points total.
Must be at least 6 sentences in length.
Must include the source information in an APA formatted reference list and APAintext citations throughout the post. (This is 2 out of the 10 points of the post.)
Be in your own words.


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