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November 19, 2020
The following data are for the decomposition of dinitrogen pentoxide in carbon t
November 19, 2020

Question 1

Explain five strategies for establishing an effective electrical safety program. What are some additional electrical safety program requirements for protection of workers whom must perform maintenance, service, or troubleshooting on equipment that is not, or cannot be, de-energized?
Your response must be at least 200 words.

Question 2

A worker is welding on structural steel near a gantry crane. They are anchored 1 foot below their D-ring using a 6 foot shock-absorbing lanyard. Calculate the free-fall distance based upon the D-ring location. Show all calculations.
There is no minimum word count for this question, however, you must show your work/calculations.

Question 3

A construction worker is anchored level with their D-ring, using a 6 foot rip-stitch lanyard. The Back D-ring height is 6.5 feet. Deceleration distance is 3.5 feet. The Safety factor is 2 feet. Calculate the total Fall Clearance distance. Show all calculations.

Question 4
Your employee is working on a scaffold, anchored to a trolley anchor 3 feet above their D-ring. They are using a 6 foot shock absorbing lanyard. The Back D-ring Height is 5 feet, and the Safety Factor is 2. The deceleration distance is 3 feet. Calculate the total Fall Clearance distance. Show all calculations.


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