In my opinion, we ought to stop making our own drums and accept that outside supplier’s offer,” said Wim Niewindt, managing director of Antilles…
October 27, 2020
If a ball is thrown upwards at 20 ft/sec, the height h after t seconds is given by h = -16t^2 + 20t. How many seconds does it take for the ball to
October 27, 2020

Read the article titled “Compatibility of Free Will and Determinism in Criminology: Comments on an Alleged Problem, The”, located in the online course shell. You may also view the article at Next, discuss whether or not you agree with the concept that our actions cannot be both free and determined, and examine one or two (1 or 2) specific examples of these concepts affecting criminal justice.
Based on the ideas described in the article, indicate at least two (2) major points you believe relate to practitioners in the field criminal justice. Then, describe why criminal justice professionals should consider each point when examining the concepts of free will and determinism.


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