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November 22, 2020
WEEK 1 QUESTIONS – Nursing Experts Help
November 22, 2020

A weekly post about your everyday encounters with geology. Your post should be related to the weekly topic, be interesting, and above all should be something you experienced. You can include pictures.
Like rivers coasts have played an important role in civilization. Today beach front real estate is worth a lot of money. So for this blog you will post about some aspect of coastlines or beaches that has had an impact on you. Try to include pictures if possible. Do not just mention a beach or coastal location and say you like to go there – I want you to relate this somehow to what we are covering in class. It does not have to be an in depth thing – just relate it to some geology. Is it high or low energy? Of maybe is the beach muddy or rocky? Eroding?
As usual do not just pull something from the internet – you must be able to show how this related directly to you.

This is the require about this blog, the total need 150-250 words.
You have to use the pictures what in the materials, those pictures is from my self when i travel before. And the blog need relate it to some geology, like Is it high or low energy? Of maybe is the beach muddy or rocky? Eroding?


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