Which of the following is true for the Shine-Dalgarno sequences:
October 17, 2020
Read the FLDOE.ESE document attachedTWO INDIVIDUAL TOPICS FOR INDIVIDUAL POSTINGS…#1 Review the two links that are within this document.Define how the two links are critical to support ESE students
October 17, 2020

Give three examples of appeals to authority (they can be from real source or experiences, or you can make them up). One should be very strong, one very weak, and one in the middle. Evaluate the quality of each.
Provide an example of a time in which you or someone you know was fooled by trusting a source that turned out to be unreliable.
Provide another paragraph or two in which you discuss appeals to authority in general, by addressing some of these types of questions: How do we know which sources are reliable and trustworthy? Do you find that there are some types of sources of which people are too trusting? How might we learn to display the proper amount of skepticism and trust in relation to sources? Are people too trusting of media sources, and is there a way to overcome these tendencies? How can we make sure those are the best sources and not be deceived by deceptive ones?


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