October 17, 2020
While in Europe, if you drive 101 per day, how much money would you spend on gas in one week if gas costs 1.10 euros per liter and your car’s gas
October 17, 2020

Throughout this course, you have worked on your field interview. In M1: Assignment 1, you identified a businessperson with experience in global business or one who works for a company involved with global business. In Module 2, you created an eight-point questionnaire for the interview. By now you should have completed your interview and compiled your notes.
In this assignment, you will write a report based on your interview with your selected businessperson about his/her international business experiences, the opportunities and risks in global business, and his/her opinions on the impact of technology on global business.
Include the following in your report:
Title page: Add a title page with your name, date, and assignment title. Introduction: Write an introductory paragraph providing background information about your interviewee, his/her company, job description, and other pertinent information. Transcript: Write a transcript of your interview. Include your questionnaire and interviewee’s responses. Summary: Summarize your interview and the information you have learned regarding international business. Comment on the opportunities and risks in global business and on the impact of technology on global business. Give reasons and examples in support of your statements
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