What is the so-called Nuremberg defense?, homework help
February 19, 2021
Accounting Cost Systems and Cost Behavior
February 19, 2021

Q1) The Work, Health and Safety legislations of a government enforce rules and guidelines in the favor of the workers to provide them a safe and healthy working environment. Still there is a need of safety culture and leadership to ensure regulations are practiced by the employees. Good leadership promote healthy and safe work practices in workplace to provide effective and efficient workplace environment to workers. Discuss the role of good leadership in maintaining a healthy safety culture in w workplace. Word limit = 2000 words.

Q2) Accidents in workplace cause a lot of stress and anxiety. The first thing to do after an accident has happened is to notify the employer. But sometimes workers hesitate to report the accidents. Discuss the reasons why workers feel scared in reporting about an accident and how reporting will benefit them. Word limit= 2500 words.

Include relevant pictures, diagrams, charts, graphs, tables etc. Give proper in-text-citations and reference (APA/Harvard style)


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