Involvement in Health Care Issues and Policies
October 9, 2020
Hello, Can you help me answer these questions?
October 9, 2020

1. Respond to the following statement/question below. 

The response should be 2 to 3 “well developed” paragraphs (5 or more complete sentences per paragraph—-I prefer more) 
The response should include at least one internet web site source (do not use your required book)


The “Response” should be 2 to 3 well developed paragraphs in length. (I prefer more)
Do not cut and paste directly from websites. Summarize in your own words.
Perform a spell/grammar check before submission.
Include references (Do not use the required text or sites provided in the course).
Hyperlinks can not be used as references.
 References must be the complete websites or the complete reference (APA or MLA format).
*****1 paragraph = approximately 5 or more complete sentences—-NOT FRAGMENTS. (remember, sentences MUST begin with a capital alphabet and end with a period)

2.  make the responses after finish these questions!!!
PS: make the answer specific and longer. Also read my instructions very clearly especially second one- make the responses after finish these questions!!!


********Proof read your response—-YOU MUST ADDRESS ALL 4 QUESTIONS.  

What are greenhouse gases?

How are humans contributing to the greenhouse effect?

What predictions do scientists make about the impact of global climate change associated with greenhouse gas increases?

Is society over-reacting to reports on the possible impact of increased greenhouse gases?


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