Disposable income of americans decreases along with their savings rate. explain the impact on economic growth.
October 9, 2020
Nutrients are substances in food that is used by the body to promote normal growth, maintenance, and repair. During metabolism, substances inside…
October 9, 2020

For the next paper, you have been asked to write about the effect of a specific communicable disease on your community.
Identify a communicable disease to research.
Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper according to APA guidelines that summarizes your research. Include the following information:

Describe the disease and discuss efforts to control it.
Identify the environmental factors related to this disease.
Explain the influence of lifestyles, socioeconomic status, and disease management.

Identify gaps and how you might connect to other resources to meet needs that are not locally available.
Include recommendations to expand the community’s programs if there are gaps.

Describe what the public health department is doing to reduce the threat of the disease.
Include data findings, evidence-based intervention, and a plan to ensure quality health.

Cite at least 3 sources.
Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.


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