Diurnal stability change
September 16, 2020
If a change is present what kind of mutation will it induce i.e. silent missense frameshift or nonsense mutation? (Check the genetic code on page 79 of your text to answer this question.)
September 16, 2020

In any health care organization safety guidelines are established to ensure the safety of the employees and the patients. Failure to comply with these guidelines will lead to an unsafe environment and place everyone at jeopardy. Some of the personal safety procedures in the pharmacy are to apply principles of body mechanics. As a future pharmacy technician you should be aware that back injuries are a very common work-related injury in any field. Back injuries can be serious enough to end your career and to prevent you from participating in activities that you enjoy in your personal life. By practicing good body mechanics and learning proper lifting techniques, you can reduce the stress on your body and decrease the risk of injury.
answer those question
A. As a “hospital pharmacy technician”, do you think you are going to lift more or less than a “retail pharmacy technician”?
b. Research and locate a job that discusses lifting requirements.
c. Demonstrate how to lift a case of 12 bags of 1000m


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