What are the principles of scholarly discussion in an online environment? How does this differ from a social network? Please cite at least one source used to support the response in APA format.
February 24, 2021
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February 24, 2021

Case Study
You are the director of health information services at Anywhere Hospital. As part of its new employee orientation, the hospital asks each department director to describe to the new employees the services offered by that department and the responsibilities of managers and staff. You have been asked to include as part of your description an explanation of diagnosis-related groups. Describe what you would include in your explanation.
Things to Consider
Your explanation of DRGs should include multiple points. You should begin with an explanation of how DRGs are used as part of a prospective payment system, explain the statutory authority that established their existence (TEFRA), and describe their purposes. You should address the differences between MDCs and DRGs, and describe how a decision tree works. At least 250 words


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