Psychological Assessment Report – Psychology Homework
February 19, 2021
intro to HRM: Google Wristband, answer 3 question
February 19, 2021

For this discussion question, discuss 2 concepts you have learned over the last 4 modules. What are the concepts? What was something interesting that you learned from these concepts? What is the importance of these concepts to a healthcare organizations? How will you use this new information in your current or future positions as a healthcare administrator?
Expectations: To earn maximum credit, the comment should be more than your opinion, and more than a quick “off the top of your head” response. Be sure to support your statements, cite sources properly, cite within the text of your comments, and list your reference(s). The response must be a minimum of 250 words.
Required Reading
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Optional Reading
American Academy of Family Physicians. (2017). Basics of quality improvement. Retrieved from
James, B. C. (1989). Quality management for health care delivery. Retrieved from


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