Astronomy and Solar System Questions
February 24, 2021
I Need the structural formulas of the below……NOT in drawing form …..i need the in writing form please see below
February 24, 2021

Below is part of a conversation between a sales person and a meeting planner (customer). The sales person is working the 6-Step Sales Process, but the customer is now raising an objection. The sales person has been trained to use the Move-On Step to handle objections and other obstacles. Evaluate the sales person’s response to the objection. Did the sales person use the Move-On Step? If so, how well did he or she do it? Explain your answer. (Need a refresher on the Move-On Step? See the visual “demo” in the Week 7 folder.)
Customer: I saw a few negative reviews of your resort on Tripadvisor.
Sales person: You definitely don’t need to worry about those reviews. They were probably written months ago, before we finished renovating all of our guest rooms. We did have some complaints about décor and condition of the rooms before the renovations, but that’s all fixed now.
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